Interplanetary Warp Drive - Experimental

The IWD-E is an experimental warp drive that can teleport an entire ship to any given location within the solar system. It could theoretically be used for interstellar travel, but current ships are incapable of carrying enough power to do so.

It is fairly rare to see the IWD-E as it requires a very skilled astrogator and engineer working in sync, and if obtained through legal means, requires an extensive background check. An inexperienced crew attempting to use the drive runs the risk of appearing far far away from their intended target, or showing up in pieces.

Some larger Terran Navy ships have an Advanced Interplanetary Warp Drive – Experimental, with much higher success rates.

Astrogators and Engineers roll at -6 when attempting to use this drive.

If astrogators fail, they are teleported to a random location, the distance depending on how much they failed their roll.

If engineers fail their roll, the object being teleported shows up at the location in thousands of pieces.

Any critical failures result in the ship disappearing entirely and never appearing.

Interplanetary Warp Drive - Experimental

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