Eurasian Conglomerate

Starting somewhere in the early 21st century, the Japanese company Imperial Industries began to implement a plan for the economic takeover of Eastern Asia. The group began performing corporate buyouts quickly and quietly, and by 2079 secretly owned over 90% of all major corporations in Eastern Asia and Eastern Europe.

As the nations of Eurasia came to realize what was happening, Imperial Industries unveiled itself entirely, and forced itself into every government in Eurasia with the threat of economic collapse. With its control over arms manufacturing, telecommunications, farming, and transportation, government resistance was essentially futile.

By the year 2110 Imperial Industries had merged the nations together under one banner as a technocratic corporatocracy, and renamed itself the Eurasian Conglomerate.

In the year 2153 the EC signed a limited peace treaty with the Terran Federation and Indo-African Alliance, limiting all combat to three million miles away from earth.


Day to day activities are managed by the Chief Executive Officer, who is appointed by the board of directors. The board of directors is voted in by shareholders. The board does not direct any day to day activities, but act as advisers for the CEO.

The board determines major policy decisions and the amount/cost of current stocks.

At birth, every citizen is given a single stock, which can be used for voting purposes. Usually this is an empty gesture, as the rich elite have the vast majority of stocks, however, at times, the poorer citizens can band together and use their stocks to make change.

All stockholders receive dividends from the company profits, and as such, most stockholders try to promote the company.


The Eurasian Conglomerate military is quite large, at 50,000 and uses volunteers only. Military personnel are given a living wage, and then, based on rank, paid with stock each year.

The navy consists of approximately 10 highly advanced space-faring vessels, supplemented by mercenary ships overseen by company managers.

Most of the 50,000 military personnel are used for occupation and loss prevention on trade routes.

Law Enforcement

Company regulation IS LAW. Most policies exist so that citizens will put company concerns over their own.

The Law Enforcement Agency is known as Human Resources, and can be found in large numbers throughout the conglomerate and it’s colonies. Cargo inspections are incredibly common.

Being caught with unauthorized goods in conglomerate territory is generally considered a very bad thing among traders, as the managers of law enforcement ships often demand steep bribes, or in severe cases, simply destroy the trade vessel and everyone on it.

Control Rating

Civil Rights: 5 – There are few rights within the conglomerate. The one true inherit right is freedom from taxation. Generally speaking, the more stocks you hold, the more free you are to do as you please.

Economic Freedom: 6 – Economic control is incredibly strict. Any business with more than 5 employees must be integrated into one of the major state-controlled corporations. Imports are heavily regulated to stop outside influence and products from entering the conglomerate. Taxation does not exist, but all businesses pay a due to the parent corporation.

Legal Restrictions: 5 – Free speech for individuals does exist, up until it begins to harm the company. Property rights are held in high regard. Violent crimes are punishable, but regularly ignored when the victim hold few stocks. State Surveillance is incredibly high, with facial recognition and cameras throughout most of the conglomerate. Being spied on is expected. All products must come from one of the major corporations, or a daughter corporation, unless otherwise specified.

Punishment Severity: 3 – Punishment generally takes the form of fines. Any repeat offenders of heavier crimes though often simply disappear without a trial or conviction.

Social Control: 2 – The conglomerate citizens are friendly within their own ranks, but wary of outsiders. Speaking out against the corporations will get you shunned.

Eurasian Conglomerate

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