Sol 2200

A near future, hard sci-fi, space based setting where mankind is taking it’s first steps into space colonization within the Sol system.

Interplanetary space travel has become cost effective in the past 75 years, allowing people to explore new frontiers, and escape the crowded confines of Earth.

The colonies are rich in resources and fight to maintain their independence from the three mighty earth factions, The Terran Federation, The Indo-African Alliance, and The Eurasian Conglomerate.

War has been bound to space, after the three major factions signed a treaty banning all combat within three million miles of Earth.

What will you do? Become a space pirate? Join Stellar Enterprises and protect the trade lanes? Sign up for the Terran Navy and conquer worlds? Or maybe create a custom made exploration ship using the Interplanetary Warp Drive, and take a one way trip to Alpha Centauri.

Sol 2200