Terran Federation


The Terran Federation is a conglomerate consisting of the EU, North and South America, as well as Australia. As trade grew stronger between these nations, a decision was made to unite them under one central governing body in 2075.

The nations maintained a large degree of independence at first, but over time power was turned over to the central TF government. By 2115 the governments of the former independent nations held essentially no authority.

In the year 2153 the TF signed a limited peace treaty with the Indo-African Alliance and Eurasian Conglomerate, limiting all combat to three million miles away from earth.


The TF is a strong centralized democratic republic. Members vote in their representatives, who then represent them in the federal government.

Most law is created and enforced on a federal level, though local governments may create their own if it is not contradictory to federal law.

Local governments police themselves, but federal forces may be called in under some circumstances.


The Terran Federation maintains a large military, with over 40 advanced spare-faring warships, not including troop transports.

The TF Interplanetary Marine Corps is a volunteer-only, specialized task force 10,000 strong used in boarding operations, and colony takeover/occupation.

Law Enforcement

Federal law enforcement is only truly present outside the confines of Earth. The TF has a long term contract with Stellar Enterprises, who patrol the trade lanes of the TF colonies. Each ship has a small contingent of officers present to command them and detain criminals. Surprise cargo inspections are common.

Control Rating

Civil Rights: 1 – Many rights are afforded to the citizens of the TF. Free Speech, voting, a fair trial, and right to a fair punishment are all basic human rights of the Terran Federation.

Economic Freedom: 2 – Free trade is the policy of the TF, with some restrictions on harmful substances, and mandatory testing before possibly dangerous products are released on the market. Weaponry is restricted to small arms on Earth.

Legal Restrictions: 3 – Violence, destruction of property, reckless endangerment, fraud, threats, and possession of illegal items are all crimes that are punishable. Similar to the modern day USA or EU.

Punishment Severity: 1 – Most crimes result in a fine, with the fine rate increasing on repeated offences. Violence and drug related crimes often result in the offenders imprisonment, but there is a large focus on rehabilitating the prisoner in the quickest time possible. Repeat offenders of violent crimes are sent off world to one of the prison colonies.

Social Control: 2 – There is an expectation of cleanliness and politeness. People generally avoid being too nosy, but will look down on those who break the cultural norms. Weaponry in public places is frowned upon.

Terran Federation

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