Control Rating

The control rating is an abstract rating from 0-6 of the oppressiveness of a government, 0 being the most free, 6 being the most oppressed. Control Rating can be divided into distinct sub-ratings for Civil Rights, Social Control, Legal Restrictions, Punishment Severity, and Economic Freedom.

Civil Rights: The rights of the citizens that the government cannot infringe upon. The extent and nature of those rights depends on the cultures priorities and history.

Economic Freedom:How free people are to buy, sell, and conduct business. This may include taxes, government regulations, or government economic control.

Legal Restrictions:How many things are illegal. Very free cultures generally only ban violence. As the CR raises, property rights, fraud, recklessness and offensive speech may become illegal. Very high CR ratings try to regulate every aspect of life.

Punishment Severity:This is a measure of how harsh punishments are. Low CR societies generally give fines far more than jail time, and focus more on rehabilitation. High CR societies often use excessive force to try and stop future crimes, and police are armed and allowed to use weaponry on fleeing suspects.

Social Control:Generally represents how much a society gets into each others business. A high CR society is similar to that of a small town. Everyone knows everyone, and most things about them. A low CR society tends to mind their own business.

Control Rating

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